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Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya

Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya

Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Air Canada Vacations
Air Canada Vacations
Vacation package departing from Toronto to Riviera Maya
Check-in date : January 22, 2022
Check-out date : January 29, 2022
Room type : Golden junior suite
Type of meal : All inclusive
Type of occupation : Double occupancy
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Toronto (YYZ) - Cancun (CUN)

Flight :AC930
Depart :January 22, 2022 - 09:00
Arrival :January 22, 2022 - 13:00
Class :Y

Cancun (CUN) - Toronto (YYZ)

Flight :AC931
Depart :January 29, 2022 - 15:00
Arrival :January 29, 2022 - 18:45
Class :Y

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Valentin Imperial Riviera Maya

Carretera Federal 307 Puerto Juarez KM 311 500, Playa del Secreto, Playa del Carmen, 77710, Mexique
Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico

Nearby activities / points of interest

  1. 4.17km - Downtown Maroma
  2. 9.32km - Tres Rios Ecopark
  3. 11.93km - Downtown Puerto Morelos
  4. 12.38km - El Camaleon Golf Club
  5. 14.20km - Crococun Zoo
  6. 17.89km - Selvatica Adventure Kingdom
  7. 19.91km - Arrecife de Puerto Morelos National Park

Travel guide

MexicoRiviera Maya


The capital of the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, evolved from a small village of Mayan pilgrims to a lively, cosmopolitan city with the highest urban growth in the country. Its natural features, beauty and long beaches, its enviable geographical location and its blend of sea and jungle make this destination on the Mexican Caribbean a magnet for both Mexicans and visitors from other parts of the world.

In this diverse city, activities and imagination go hand in hand: the coast lends itself to all kinds of water sports. There are diving facilities, sport fishing and jungle treks to nearby archaeological sites.

The other famous destinations of the riviera, each with its own unique character and attractions, are Akumal, Tulum, Puerto Aventuras to name but a few.


Playa del Carmen provides an enormous variety of water activities, ranging from swimming, boating or more strenuous sports such as windsurfing, sailing or diving in the nearby reefs. Other beaches of the Riviera include:

Akumal consists of a beautiful bay whose fine, white-sanded beach runs parallel to a protective coral reef about 300 meters out to sea. The sea is many different tones of blue and is the ideal place to dive and watch the sea turtles that come here to lay their eggs in the summer.

An archaeological zone, whose location on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea makes it one of the most spectacular in the Mayan World.

Boca Paila
This beach was made for diving, as there is a barrier of reefs and a lagoon adjoining the sea inhabited by both land and marine species.

This is a paradisiacal place with cabins and hotels; its gentle waves are perfect for swimming and diving.

The almost negligible waves make this place ideal for diving between the beach and the reef that is inhabited by many different species of multicoloured tropical fish. The beach has fine, white sand and is framed by rocky promontories at either end, making it into a cozy, small cove.

Puerto Aventuras
This is a tourist center with all tourist facilities, including a marina next to a fine-grained, white-sanded beach with moderate sized waves. The surrounding area is rich in vegetation and fauna.

A small clear bay with caves and freshwater cenotes, or the limestone sinkholes.


The climate in the Riviera Maya is hot and humid, but the humidity is not as high as in other areas. The average annual temperature ranges from 25 C to 30 C. Offshore water temperatures range from 26 C in January to 29 C in August. May through November is the rainy season.

Temperature in Celsius J F M A M J J A S O N D
Maximum 27 28 29 30 30 30 30 31 30 30 28 27
Minimum 20 20 20 22 22 23 23 23 23 22 21 20
Rainfall (mm) 90 120 50 170 200 370 140 120 360 90 80 60


Quintana Roo is one of the youngest states in the country as well as the furthest east, meaning that it is the first Mexican state to see the sun come up every day. It is located in the Yucatan Peninsula, which it shares with Campeche and Yucatán, to the south it is separated from Belize and Guatemala by the Bay of Chetumal and Río Hondo, and to the east it is washed by the Caribbean.

You can find rustic beaches such as Isla Mujeres and Akumal. It makes up for its lack of surface rivers with an intricate system of underground rivers and limestone sinkholes that are ideal for diving.


The region known as the Riviera Maya was an important commercial and religious centre for the ancient Maya during the Post-Classic period (1000-1550 A.D.). It is still inhabited by Mayan communities, descended from those that fought in the War of the Castes, that have managed to preserve their ancient rites and traditions.

During the Post-Classic period, it was a Mayan place of pilgrimage for paying homage to Ixchel, the goddess of fertility. There are many archaeological sites along the coast; vestiges of the many outposts which were established to accommodate the pilgrims.

The Riviera Maya was still a busy trade route when the Spaniards arrived in the XVI centruy, althought the great "Classic Cities" had long been abandoned due to wars and conquests.


Playa del Carmen lies halfway between Cancun and Tulum on a coastal strip that combines jungle, mangrove swamps and white sandy beaches. It is characterized by its diversity; the porous soil of the Peninsula creates a variety of features such as natural wells surrounded by jungle, bays where underground rivers blend with the sea and extensive mangrove swamps.

Aviario Xaman-Ha is a beautiful Aviary where you will find different species, not just birds, other animal species like the butterflies, iguanas, turtles and other small mammals. The animals and plants that live here are in their natural habitat and they live in semi-captivity.

It is also an ideal spot for visiting one of the most beautiful parks in Mexico: Xcaret

The island of Holbox is ideal for bird watching.

Unique to Here

The Great Mayan Reef
This coral reef lies about 300 meters out to sea and starts at Cabo Catoche extending on down to Belize and Guatemala. It serves as a protective barrier, thus causing the waves on the beach to be small and the water to be calm and crystal clear. The reef is abundant in marine flora and fauna, whose colours vary according to the depth of the sea.

Playacar Club de Golf
The vegetation, the archaeological ruins, and the cenotes (natural underground reservoirs) make Playacar Club de Golf one of the most beautiful in Mexico.
  • Airport : Cancun International Airport
  • Airport Tax : The departure tax of around US$40 per person is usually included on your plane ticket, please verify.
  • Distance from Airport : 68 km to Playa del Carmen
  • Tourist Office : 987-31260 or 987-32850
  • Tourist Season : October though March


The nearest international airport to Riviera Maya is the Cancún International Airport. The best way to get around is by renting a car or a jeep since you will be travelling a lot from one village to an archaeological site to another attraction. Taxis are available but tend to be expensive. Many collectivo vans run between the major cities and offer cheap transportation for local workers and budget-minded tourists.

Activities & Sports

Extreme sports enthusiasts will enjoy scuba diving in the open seas in the crystal-clear waters. The ecological park called Tres Ríos is specially created for bicycle rides. You can go kayaking on the Pájaros River, where you can admire the mangrove swamps and see a large number of different species of birds.

Xel Há
This site has lakes connected to each other by underground tunnels that are fun to explore. The tropical jungle is great for hiking, and climbing down the walls of the cenotes and swimming in the reservoirs.

Playa del Carmen
Locals will sometimes rent out horses so that you can enjoy a relaxing tour of the surroundings. The constant coming and going of ferries, hydro-jets and yachts is a highly entertaining, year-round spectacle. You can go snorkeling and scuba diving on the Great Mayan Reef, located less than 100 meters out from the beach. Alternatively, you can go diving in the caves, which is a great experience.

Puerto Aventuras Marina
This tourist village has a marina with 240 docks. This marina is considered the largest and best protected on the Caribbean coast. You can rent boats for periods of up to a day.

In addition to the wide variety of entertainment available in Playa del Carmen, Playacar Club de Golf has a beautiful 18-hole golf course (par 72) with a length of 7,202 yards.

Tres Ríos
The transparent waters of these rivers are great for kayaking and rafting. There are reefs where you can dive and admire the submarine wildlife.


This state contains some of the most spectacular sites in the Mayan world, such as Tulum, Xcaret and Coba.

Until recently, Xaman-Há, a meeting point for the Mayans to attend their ceremonial appointment with the goddess Ixchel on the neighbouring island of Cozumel, was a small fishing village. It is now the second most important tourist destination in the Mexican Caribbean.

On the outskirts of Playa del Carmen, stands one of the main archaeological zones of Quintana Roo. Known as Tulum, it contains the Templo de El Castillo and the Templo de los Frescos where you can admire the wonderful paintings of the Mayan world.

The Mayan city of Cobá was built in the fauna-rich jungle next to freshwater lakes about 2,200 years ago. Today, four sections of this complex: Coba, Chumuc Mul, Macanxoc and Nohoch mul, contain partially preserved buildings, white roads, or sacbés, platforms, foundations, pyramids and patios.

The Xel-Há park features underwater rivers, lagoons, limestone sinkholes, virtually unspoiled forest and archaeological remains. Ideal for swimming and snorkeling.

The Muyil Mayan settlement, located inside of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, reached its peak between 300 and 600 AD. It was linked to other Mayan cities by means of sacbés that were used to transport goods traded with other regions.

Attractions & Sights

Enjoy Playa del Carmen's Quinta Avenida, with its improvised artists, and dozens of languages blended into a single murmur. Check out also the Xaman-Ha aviary, home to 200 birds set in a tropical forest.

If you are into speleology go explore the Cavernas Sacba or the Atkun Chen Caverns.

Several attractions are to be found in Xcaret such as the Mayan Village, the archaeological museum or the botanical garden.

Just forty-five minutes away, the natural well area of Puerto Aventuras houses Xel-Há an ecological theme park and the largest natural aquarium in the world. Here you can swim with dolphins, see sea turtles, bicycle, snorkel, cliff-dive, and scuba.

Some of the lovely coastal villages for you to discover include Puerto Morelos with its alligator farm and botanical garden, Playa del Secreto and Playa Paraiso which is often frequented by sea turtles, the very quiet town of Paamul or last but not least Akumal with its Yal-Ku miniature lagoon.


The Caribbean nights, popular fiestas on the beaches and lively bars offers a number of options such as places to dance the night away.

If you'ld like to spend a pleasant evening, you could stroll down Quinta Avenida, the most famous street in Playa del Carmen that runs parallel to the sea, and visit its many restaurants, bars and cafés.

The two best places to dance are El Espiral and El Señor Frogs. If you'ld like to have a drink and listen to good music, Captain Tulis, Safari and The Blue Parrot are all excellent choices.

Side Trips

A mere 15 minutes outside Playa del Carmen near the new Puerto Aventuras tourist complex stands an area of natural wells that it is crucial to both the environmental balance of the area and visitors' enjoyment. These pools with their exotic names, such as Cenote Azul, Chacmool, Kan Tun Chi, Zazil-Ha, Sask'alech-Ha, are just waiting to be explored.

Aktún Chen Park
This park consists of 400 hectares of tropical jungle inhabited by deer, badgers, spider monkeys, wild boar, iguanas, and beautiful birds. Three caves in the park have been illuminated in order to better observe them. This park is 42 km southwest of Playa del Carmen.

Xcaret Eco-Archeological Park
Here you can swim with dolphins, dive in the nearby coral reef or just swim in the most transparent waters in the world. Archaeological zones, underground rives, aquariums that reproduce the Mayan reef, botanical gardens and an aviary for reproducing endangered species. The bay provides refuge for thousands of species of brightly-coloured fish.

This park, only 6 km from Playa del Carmen, has subterranean rivers, caves, cenotes (natural underground reservoirs), which are fantastic sites for diving. There are also reefs, archaeological ruins, a special orchid-growing area, and another special area for dolphins.


Grand hotels and resorts rub shoulders with small, traditional hostels.

If your visit to Playa del Carmen coincides with a full moon, you could camp on the beach and enjoy one of the celebrations the inhabitants hold in its honour.

Camping accommodation are also available, like:.
-Acamaya Reef Trailer Park
-Chemuyil Trailer Park
-Paamul RV Park

Eating Out

Mostly located on Quinta Avenida, you will find dozens of snack-bars and cafés jockeying for space with elegant, first-class restaurants. There is definitely something for every taste and budget. If you are looking for local cuisine try Alux or Yaxche Maya.


Knitted clothes and the typical colorfully embroidered blouses and dresses of Yucatan are a tradition in Coba, a small village some 105 km from Playa del Carmen passing through Tulum. You will also find decorative objects made of copper and jewels made of semi-precious stones. Several shops also offer handicrafts made in the other regions of the country.
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Traveller pictures
Glorious Day at the beach.  White sand and clear blue ocean!
Golden Pool.  View from our room.
Pure Paradise

Top of the Line

This place is amazing! Chose the top floor of the golden buildings and was so impressed. Spacious and clean room. Not musty and really comfortable bed! Grounds are so beautiful and tropical. Three choices in pools - fun pool, quiet pool and beautiful ocean. Spent all our days at the ocean and the sand is lovely, water is clear and swimming area is amazing. Food was so good and martinis were exceptional. Very good value for price! If you want a fantastic vacation spot, this is the place. The staff were top notch as well. We will be back. Note: We met many return travellers and I now know why people keep going back.
The strong points
Ocean is incredible! Food is fantastic! Grounds are so beautiful and staff were amazing. Food at the pools is a big bonus. Nightlife is fun as well. 20 minutes from airport is a bonus.
The weak points
Nightly shows were ok other than magic show and the chair saving game at the beach and pools. Wifi can be a bit weak at places but this wasn't a big deal for me.
Nepean, ON
from 2019-12-22 to 2019-12-29 (7 days)

Christmas at the Valentin

This was our second stay at this resort and our first time in Mexico for Christmas. We love the smaller size of this resort compared to some of the other huge resort complexes that we have stayed at. We had a great time at the beach enjoying the warm waters of the ocean in the mornings before relaxing by the pool in the afternoon, finish that off with a nice dinner in the evening, the French restaurant is a favorite.
The strong points
The staff at this resort is great, always friendly with an Hola whenever you pass by and happy to serve. The beach is another positive, it's beautiful. Another positive,gourmet restaurants every night with no reservations required!
The weak points
Here as in other places we have visited has the old problem of the reserving of beach chairs by placing towels and other personal items on them and then leaving them unclaimed until well into the afternoon while other beachgoers can't find a chair!
Heiko Spreng
100 Mile House, HA
from 2019-12-19 to 2019-12-26 (7 days)

Fourth time and will be back again

This was our fourth stay at the Valentin and it was just as wonderful as the previous three stays. I highly recommend this resort for a number of reasons - first FOOD - we are food lovers and Le Marche buffet for breakfast and lunch has a wide variety of choices. All specialty restaurants are great with Ginger as our favourite! Staff is welcoming and friendly. Rooms are very comfortable, lazy river is great and the beach is fantastic. This resort puts a lot of effort into their groundskeeping and horticulture. We really appreciate the grounds staff and how beatiful they keep the property. Special thanks to Zyanya an amazing yoga instructor! We will definitely return again and again...
The strong points
The weak points
Dawn Law
Toronto, ON
from 2019-11-30 to 2019-12-05 (5 days)

Valentin Review

Overall, a good experience. Resort was beautiful, landscaping was incredible and the staff was very friendly. Check in was brutal. We got to the resort at 10:30 but only got to our room at 3:30 and didn't have access to our luggage. Not how we wanted to spend our first day of Holidays. The beach experience was non existent because of all the sea weeds. We were told that Valentin had one of the nicest beaches in Mexico and we might have spent 1 hour throughout our week.
The strong points
Staff, Pool, activities, landscaping,
The weak points
Check-in, sea weeds and attention to food allergies. (I'm allergic to shellfish and found Lobster Bisk in my Potato Leek soup)
Pierre Rozon
Ottawa, ON
from 2019-07-22 to 2019-07-29 (7 days)


We stayed in building 8. It was great! Our concierge, Marcela was absolutely fabulous, she was wonderful to speak to, always smiling and always helpful. The grounds were kept beautifully. We have been to this resort four other times. This time was a little bit more low key. We were disappointed that the beach wasn’t functional (with the seaweed) but that wasn’t your fault. The pools were beautiful and all the staff was lovely. Sushi was our favourite restaurant- just sitting at the sushi bar and having the awesome sushi chef make our food in front of us was wonderful.
The strong points
Wonderful staff, wonderful food, wonderful grounds, clean and hygienic suites
The weak points
Poor beach (because of time of year) Golf cart drivers could be a bit more polite when picking up to take us around the resort. The resort is very large and it is very hot, so taking a ride to dinner was necessary so we were comfortable.
Brennah Hughes
Hamilton, ON
from 2019-06-04 to 2019-06-14 (10 days)

Valentin Imperial

All the staff was so friendly. Anything that we requested was always delivered with a smile and kind words. The resort was clean and well maintained.
The strong points
The food and the service was fantastic.
The weak points
Could be more shaded areas at the pool and the beach. People in the morning would place something on a beach chair to hold it and come back hours later.
David Malue
102 Cassander Crs, HA
from 2019-04-14 to 2019-04-21 (7 days)

Phenomenal Vacation

From stepping out of the transfer to the hotel we felt like royalty. Every detail was taken care of and thought about. They even hand you a cool damp hand towel upon arrival! The check in was a smooth process and they immediately got a bellboy to get our luggage, got us a golf cart and took us to our room. The room was average sized with a king size bed, couch, large bathroom with walkin shower and jacuzzi tub. We upgraded to privilege club and there were 4 "top-shelf" bottles of alcohol waiting for us in our room. There were even bluetooth speakers to hook up to in the room. The beach was clean and had many lounge chairs and palapas available. The ocean was extremely wavy all week so hard to swim in. No seaweed anywhere! The biggest advantage for us to the privilege club was having a reserved palapa by the pool. We never needed to wake up early to get our spots. The pool was amazing. It is extremely large, has 2 bars and a lot of areas to go. It never felt crowded. They have floaties available which became handy to float around and rest a drink on. Food was great. Always a great variety at breakfast and lunch. The snack bar at the pool was handy in the afternoon. The restaurants at night were fantastic. They all had a dress code of long pants for men which you should know before going. We went to all restaurants except the Indonesian one. A few staff that were great: -Jared the privilege pool concierge. He went out of his way to help you. He moved out cabana to a more shady one. He got us waters numerous times a day. He just did anything he could to make you feel special. -The heaven bar staff: Manuel, Israel, Jonathan and Omar. Again did everything they could to help you. We will definitely be going back.
The strong points
-service -pool atmosphere -alcohol selection -privilege club -feeling of luxury
The weak points
-meat cook -order one level higher than what you want -not knowing dress code ahead of time
Courtney Gordon
Ajax, ON
from 2019-02-24 to 2019-03-03 (7 days)

10/10 for Service!

We spent a week here and had a fantastic time. The staff is so kind and accommodating. I have Celiac disease and the staff took extra steps to ensure the food was safe for me to eat - huge bonus! The room was clean and quiet and we had a perfect ocean view. Resort was immaculate and never felt crowded. We easily got chairs everyday at both the pool and beach. Would absolutely return.
The strong points
Safe food handling, clean, quiet and friendly. Lots of activities but you can find quiet areas if you prefer. They cater to all demographics and we felt very much at home.
The weak points
No reservations at the restaurants which can mean a bit of a wait. Still better then having to make reservations on Day 1! We figured out the best times to go and just ensured we were there before the rush.
Anthony Eyles
Vancouver, BC
from 2019-01-25 to 2019-02-01 (7 days)

Home Away From Home

We spent 3 terrific weeks at the Valentin in December. The staff is outstanding and truly the Valentin's greatest asset. As always everyone was warm, welcoming, friendly and talented, and they made us feel we were returning "home", on our 16th time at the Valentin. The grounds are beautifully groomed, the restaurants are diverse with a variety of great food and inviting ambiance, and the entire resort is carefully and constantly maintained (some hotels start to look “tired” when they’ve been open this long). Because we’ve been there so many times, it’s impossible to name all the kind and caring staff with whom we’ve interacted without accidentally leaving someone important out. However, I’ll take a risk, and mention a few we interacted with most often in Dec. (in no particular order). Jesus, Gerardo, Alfredo (for such warm welcomes, and being a lot of fun); Joselo V (for always trying to make our stays perfect); Antonio at the pool; Jorge, Luis, Melina, Omar (breakfast was always fun – a never-ending supply of mimosas!); Noami, Luis, Albino (made lunch very special) and Yolanda who always seems to be everywhere! Please tell Monserrat we miss her and hope she’s back soon. Vianey (what would we do without you!), Nallelly, Theresa and Sheila – whose skill, professionalism and fun made dinners a treat. Ramon’s sense of humour and joking (Alsace) made us feel “part of the family”. Angel, we didn't see you every day because of your new duties, but you always stopped to say hi. We look forward to returning to the Valentin in March.
The strong points
The weak points
Ajax, ON
from 2018-12-05 to 2018-12-26 (21 days)

Another Amazing Stay ( 14th stay and counting )

Our daughter ,son in law, husband & I had the most amazing holiday stay at the Valentin Imperial Maya in Dec/18 with the Privileged package , which we feel is well worth the extra charge. This was our 14th stay at this Top Notch Resort . From the moment we got off the Shuttle to the smiling faces of Jesus, Ramon, Alfredo, Erik , Daniel and all the other Bellmen( which are so helpful). They walk you to the Privilege e Lounge for a quick check-in. From there they will drive you to your room with your bags and go overwll the resort while taking you to your room. The spacious grounds are impeccably groomed and the numerous buildings tediously maintained. The aroma when you step into the main lobby is so aromatic, it makes you feel instantly relaxed. We were directed to the Privilege Lounge and were treated to the most professional service by the Concierge staff. Katherine explained all the services that the Resort has to offer (even though we have stayed her many times) to make their guests vacation the most memorable. The very friendly and accommodating Concierge staff, Mauricio, Alexandra made us all feel very much at home and assisted us with any of our needs. We stayed in Bldg. 8 which is the Golden Suites on the Lazy River. Our daughter and son in law (this is their 3rd visit the resort) wanted to be by the ocean, so they were in Bldg. 9 , which is called the Emerald Suits (ocean view ). With the Privilege package you get a pool or ocean cabana which is yours throughout your entire stay. You will be greeted at the Ocean by Francisco (the ocean Concierge). He will have everything ready in your cabana, every day. The towels will be laid out and he will always be there for your every need. What a wonderful hardworking man he is . I should say that all the staff is so happy, hardworking and will try their best to get you anything your heart desires. Our morning began with a warm welcome at Le Marche by ????MiMi or Miguel . They will direct you to a table where Isidro , Jose or Carlos ( just a few of the wonderful staff will attend to getting your cappuccino or any other beverage you may feel you would prefer. The buffet has something for everyone’s tastes. A smoothy station, fruit or vegetable, which ever your taste buds desire, is available for you. The crepes station will make you a very tasty crepe with any type of fresh fruit toppings, and don’t forget the whipped cream! After a tasty breakfast, you can relax by the ocean in your cabana, where our Pool / Ocean Concierge Francisco, will take care of any requests you may desire for the day. They will also make your dinner reservations right at your cabana! They work very tirelessly to make sure your day is stress free! For any of your beverage needs around the pool there are many servers to serve you and keep you hydrated. The Entertainment crew is always ready to get everyone involved in daily activities. If you want to join in a game of ‘Marco Polo’! If you feel a Massage is to your liking, see anyone of the Spa staff walking around the pool . Try the Fish Pedicure. It’s really cool! Dinners were amazing! With your Privilege status you can enjoy Lobster every nite, if you would prefer. You couldn’t go wrong with any of the SIX different restaurants. They all have remarkable menus. Whatever you are fancying for dinner, take your pick, and enjoy! The L’Sace is the French restaurant and runs very efficient with Ramon as the Manager and servers such as Leonardo, The L’Olivo ( The Italian restaurant) with Jamonje overseeing it all. Teresa, with the help of Israel, setting & clearing tables for her, will make your dinner a wonderful experience. The Tamansari, is Asian style food it has a terrific menu, where you can make a delicious meal of just the appetizer. Margarita will make sure your experience is delicious & fun. We also enjoy the Ginger ( Japanese Restaurant) run by Bernardino, a very knowledgeable man regarding any of the food there. They are all so accommodating. We found all the food in any of the restaurants to be very good and they will do their best to get you anything you desire. After dinner make sure you take in the live entertainment in the Plaza Espana. The Imperial Band plays 10-11:30. After all is said & done, we truly have an amazing time on every visit to the Valentin Imperial Maya! We want to “Thank” the management staff, Sr. Inglesias ( General Manger of the Resort ). Sr Ingesias will always take time from his busy day to stop and talk with you . Joselo which is the Manager of all the Customer Service, including the Concierges. He does an amazing job. Yoland , Egdar and Timathao are the ones in charge of all Food and Beverage, which in itself is an enormous task. They are all so helpful with any request. Thank you all at the Valentin Imperial Maya for your friendship & making us feel like family!
The strong points
Customer Service ,beverage and Food . Entertainment ,day and nite is also good.
The weak points
People not respecting the posted rules around the Lazy River and activity pool . Which include : no loud music and not to hoard the loungers. Which if you mention the issue to the staff . They look after getting the issue resolved.
St Andrews, MB
from 2018-12-04 to 2018-12-14 (10 days)
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